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Life Gets Busy

Just a quick post to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!  LOL!  Life got busy and the blog took a back seat.  Then before you knew it I got involved in things at my church and where did all my time go.

I haven’t given up on doing the blog, I just need to figure out what I want to share on it.  I started doing chalkboard art and then started into Bible Journaling along with some custom painting furniture.

More importantly I just want to enjoy life and not be bound by a deadline of posting something on a blog.  So as I go on with my everyday life, if I come across something I think worthwhile to post I will.



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Black Wax and House Numbers

house-numbers-originalI recently found some cute numbers at HL.

I decided to use them for my house numbers. I was in luck they had our house numbers (they didn’t have every number available).



enhanced-frame-black-wax They were a little plain so I wanted to darken them up so they would become more visible on the house.

I used graphite chalk paint to paint the edges and a black Pitt pen to do the border around the front.

I then mixed some graphite chalk paint with clear wax to make black wax.  The black wax enhances the graphite and seals the paint at the same time.  My favorite product for both chalk paint and wax is BB Frosch.

eye-bolts-2Once I had everything painted I inserted eye bolts so I could hang them on the porch.

There are 3 numbers, the top and middle number get eye bolts on top and bottom so they can all be linked together vertically.



highlighted-numberI couldn’t leave it alone so I took a White Pitt Pen and added some white highlights.

I used some jute to string all of them together but my plan is to get some S hooks to hook them together.




finished-house-numbersSo here is the recap.  I think they look awesome on the front porch and so unique!



Working On Another Project

Door BellI still have some things to finish up in the Master bath before I can say it is done.  Like repainting the trim and making some window treatments for the windows.  However, like most people I also started another project before the last one is done.  I have to laugh because this is so typical of how creative people roll.

So this is a quickie, our door bell has not worked in years.  I know “get it fixed”.  Easier said than done. We tried a wireless doorbell but it didn’t last long either.

So I picked up a little chalk board (HL on sale), did some chalk lettering and gave instructions on how to let us know you are at the door (click on the pic to enlarge).   

I have another project I did for my #1 Daughter.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and her, #2 Daughter and I all started the research on what she would need for her double mastectomy.  We found what is called a boyfriend pillow and some heart shape pillows to help provide comfort and protection.  I will share the design and info on them in another post.

Right now she is through the surgery and recuperating.  The pillows worked great.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We are so blessed with family and friends that have surrounded us with their love!

Love Me Some Chalk Paint – Master Bath Cabinet

Master Bath Cabinets - 1With the hail storm in April that took out our roof, six windows and skylight; it also messed up the ceiling and some areas in our Master Bath.  With all that work being done why not up date the rest of the MB.

We have lived in our home for over 30 years and although the ash cabinets were beautiful in the 80’s it is now time to update them.  I also decided to redo the texture on the MB walls but that is another story.




Master Cabinet - Up closeIf you look closely they are showing the wear.  Other than some surface scratches and nicks the bones of these cabinets are in great shape.  






MB - DrawersFirst I remove all the hardware and clean the drawers and the vanity.  Then I used stainable/paintable wood filler and patch up the nicks, and since the drawers had some uneven surfaces I sanded just enough to make them smooth.

When you use chalk paint you do not have to prep the surface, but since these were pretty beat up I went ahead prepped and repaired so I would have a very smooth surface when they were all done.



Chalk Painted MB DrawersI used several different colors of chalk paint and also different techniques.  

I used B. B. Frosch and a conversion chart that Rebecca Kenny @ [email protected] (an area stocklist for B. B. Frosch) provided me to get the Annie Sloan colors for Coco, French Linen and Old White.

First I painted everything in Coco (2 coats of chalk paint no priming).  Next I painted French Linen and wiped off with a damp rag to give depth. When that was dry I white washed and wiped the white wash off with a dry rag.  Then I took a Pitt Pen in brown and added the glazing look in the creases.  Last, I did a little dry brushing (in white) to bring out more highlights on the edges.  Since this was the Master Bath with water and humidity I finished the cabinets with two coats of polyacrylic instead of waxing.



MB VanityI know when you read all the steps you are thinking this is way too much effort, but none of these steps take that long to do and the results are amazing.  The pictures do not do it justice.  I found the knobs at HL on sale for $1.70 a piece and the Mirrors I found at Kirklands for $20.00 (on sale and the perfect color for the Master Bath).

The wall color is SW Sea Haze (in a flat finish).  The flat finish of the paint gives such a soft feel to the room and makes the Master Bath feel like a spa.  I will be able to add white, chocolate or charcoal linens to this bath.  The white linens will give it a beach feeling.  After all the work I might just have to go with that feeling for a while!


This is not a sponsored post from any of the vendors I mentioned above all opinions are my own.  I will tell you I love B. B. Frosch and love the fact that you can make any paint chalk paint with the additive.  It cleans up beautifully and goes on like “butter”. I also like their paint products like paint brushes, waxes, brush soaps and cloths.

If you are in the Dallas area, contact Rebecca Kenny for some classes on techniques, and she can help you out with B. B. Frosch information and supplies!


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Bible – Art Journaling – Adding to the Page

Ephesians 2  4-5When doing art journal in your Bible, sometimes you need to add something to cover a current verse you are studying.

If you click on the picture you will see the top of the page.  I had already added the art journal for God’s Workmanship and now I needed (ok, wanted) to add something for verses 4-5.

Rather than adding a lot I just chose the word from the scripture that spoke to my heart “Grace”.  Used a different handwriting font so it would stand out a bit from God’s Workmanship.

The word compliments the other art design and stays within the same format (the bottles have words on them).  Then as I re-read the scriptures I decided to box out the words that leaped off the page to me.

The picture does not do the colors justice.  They are vibrant and alive, the same way the Word of God lives in us!

The saying less is more, and a simple word was enough to enhance the page.   How do you add more art to a page you have already completed previously?

Chalkboard Art

James - ChalkBoardI have the privilege of doing the Chalkboard Art at our church – Elevate in a small town in Texas.

Usually, Pastor does a sermon series and I take the graphic for that series and translate it onto the huge chalkboard that is displayed behind our coffee bar. This keeps people connect to the series and provides a great backdrop for the coffee bar.

Unfortunately, my skills of taking a picture are a little off, because when you enlarge this picture it is a little fuzzy.  My apologies.  




James GraphicHere is the original graphics, as you can see the chalkboard art is close to the original but not exactly.

I don’t think it will ever be a perfect match, because it is done in chalk and  drawn by hand.

However, I do think it did translate very well.



Luckily for me this chalkboard art is for the entire summer series.  It usually takes me about 12 hours to complete this size chalkboard and I spread it out over two days.

I can’t explain the enjoyment and satisfaction I receive doing the chalkboard(s).  Although the art is temporary it is forever captured in the pictures.  The challenge for me is to get it as close to the graphics as I can.  It is never exact but each time I learn something new about chalkboard art.  Also, while I am doing the chalkboard I have an ever flowing conversation with God about the sermon, series or event that the chalkboard represents.  Quiet time with God and creating art makes this girl very happy!

Whitewashed Fireplace – Drop the Mic I’m Finished

Whitewashed Fireplace - Chalk Paint - White Dover When we had our paneling painted white (SW – Dover White), it made the brick fireplace seem out of place.  Mainly because of the color (yellow and orange with black mortar).

I started researching how to update the fireplace including getting an estimate for rocking it.  Would love to do that; however, it was approximately $2-3 thousand dollars.  I opted to whitewash it.




Original Fireplace -This picture is what it looked like before I whitewashed it.  Remember my fireplace has black mortar.

I chose to use B. B. Frosch and make SW White Dover paint into chalk paint.   With B. B. Frosch you can make any paint chalk paint.  It is a great product (I am not being paid by B. B. Frosch for my review of the product).  I did use ASCP in this project too, because I already had the product in colors I needed to compliment the den’s color pallet. 

We have a large fireplace that spans across the room at an angle.  It took me less than 8oz of White Dover chalk paint watered down (50/50 water to paint) to do the entire fireplace.



Original Fireplace - Black mortarHere are some tips I learned as I was transforming the fireplace.

Think about the color you want to wash with, keep in mind that the color of the brick will effect the depth of what is washed.  For example the black mortar with the whitewashed turned grey…..perfect for what I was doing!

Clean it – I took a brush and ran over the fireplace to knock off the dust and cobwebs.  



I chose chalk paint because I like the softness it has and it doesn’t require prep work. Our fireplace had been sprayed with shellac (that’s what they did in the 80’s.   Painted right over that sucker without cleaning with TSP.



Fireplace - Left Coner Start whitewashI used chalk paint brushes to apply the wash, because I had them.  However, you can use whatever brush you have to do this project.

I started on the sides, so if I made a mistake I couldn’t correct, it would not be that obvious.





Whitewashed Fireplace - less is moreWork in sections and don’t overlap the wash on the next section you are not ready to work on.

This picture shows where I overlapped on the brick and then when I started to work on that section, the brick was more saturated and it created a stripe.

Because I used chalk paint, I was able to take a wet rag and take off the paint and re-apply it more even.  



Whitewashed Fireplace - work in whole bricksA better method is to work the sections in complete bricks, this helps keep the tone of the whitewash even across the fireplace.






Whitewashed Fireplace - work in sectionsStop and walk away and look at what you are doing periodically.

This will let you see where you have put too much whitewash in an area or too little.

It is easier to correct when the wash is still wet than when it has set 10 – 20 minutes.  Brick is porous and the white wash will take on various looks as it starts drying and absorbing the wash.  

There are several items you can use to remove the wash.  If you catch it fast enough a wet rag, if it is dry, I understand Magic Erasers works well.



Whitewashed Fireplace - Still Wet FinishedOnce the fireplace was done, I went back in with a sea sponge and added other wash colors (ASCP – Country Grey, French Linen, Coco).  This gives depth to the wash without over powering the white wash.  When I had an orange or yellow brick color pop out I would sponge in other colors to make it recede.

When you are adding additional colors do it sparingly and rotating the sponge and the color wash.  Let it absorb in and take another look from a distance.  Here less is more and you can always go back in and add more where needed.

Even after it dries you can add additional color washes in where needed.



Whitewashed Fireplace - Chalk Paint - White DoverIt took me about 4 hours (at the most) to complete this big fireplace and that includes sponging in all the other color washes.  When I first finished I loved how it look and was so excited, but I didn’t realize what I was seeing was it still wet.

As it dries it becomes whiter (depending on how much you have left on or washed off).  Mine was whiter; however, because I had sponged in additional colors it was perfect even lighter.

I did repaint the mantel.  It was originally Old White (ASCP) and it just got lost after the whitewash.  I repainted it with the same colors I used to sponge in the washes. I painted it ASCP Coco, then washed it with French Linen.  Once that was dry I washed it again in Old White, when it dried gave it a good waxing.  


This really was a simple project and I can’t believe it took me so long to convince myself to do it.  It brought the decor of the den together and looks great with the neutral pallet.

Are you trying to figure out if you are ready for a project?  Be brave and jump in!


“Thank You for Your Sacrifice!”

IMG_1419There are only certain times of the year I decorate and Memorial Day through July 4th is one of my favorite.

So thankful for those who serve to protect us!

I keep it pretty simple, if you expand the picture you can see a wreath that I made here.  Click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the instructions.  This wreath started me to decorating for these holidays. This wreath has been all over Pinterest and it is simple (time consuming) but it holds up to storage and use year after year.

The Bunting is from Walmart and I think the little alcove on our porch is the perfect place for it.  A couple of flags in the potted plants and we are done………..drop the mic……….walk away!

As Daughter #2 says, you can decorate for Memorial Day and leave it up through July.  Besides honoring those who have served it also great that it can cover both holidays.

Oh wait…..I have a basket that I dressed up for work several years ago that I am going to slip the Coleus on the table into but that will do it.  You can see it here – Patriotic Dress-Up, just click on the link.

Do you decorate for Memorial Day/July 4th?



Valance for Every Room in the House

Valance MaterialWe have several boxed windows in our home.  The latest and greatest thing of the ’80’s.  I was looking on Pinterest for a simple window treatment and came across a pin to use styrofoam panels to create a valance.

Over on Down Home Inspiration are the instructions on how to create this window treatment.  I’m not going to reiterate the instructions she does an awesome job.




Extended Piece

Because my Boxed Window is approximately 48″ wide I had to figure out how to extend my length since the panel didn’t measure that long.  Simple enough just cut it in half and used another sheet to reinforce the middle.






Test FitSince my window is boxed (and I did a good job of measuring) I didn’t have to attach it to anything it fit very snuggle in the window.  No holes in the drywall…………..sweet!






Measure MaterialFound my material at JoAnn’s (used coupon of course) measured, cut and wrapped the styrofoam piece and I did end up using pins to secure the fabric.  I was going to use staples but the pins were so simple.






FinishedI love it!  I found the styrofoam panels at Lowe’s and they were about $14.00 for a pkg that contains 4 panels.  I have a few more rooms I am going to use this window treatment in so this will be very cost effective.






I love the simplicity of the window treatment the clean lines.  My style is Farmhouse Glam and this window treatment transitions well with my style.


What is your style? Do you have a favorite window treatment?  I would love to see and hear from you!

Acts 1:8 – Bible Journaling

I  Am EmpoweredI’m part of a group over at this year and venturing into Bible journaling.  I will let you know I do not draw (much).  I do come up with the layout and use free clip art to give me the out line and then from there I fill in with the color and shading.

I love doing this, can’t explain why except He (God) has sparked a creative gene in my spirit that enjoys the time I spend with Him through the entire process of a new form of worship for me.

The process is reading and meditating over the scripture(s) that we are digging into and allowing God to reveal the design I feel like expressing for the particular scripture in my spirit.

As I think, meditate and pray about the scripture I start to pull together the design and elements that will bring to life what I am seeing and feeling.  Sometimes it comes easily (especially familiar scriptures) and other times I wait on God to give me a word or a combination of items that speak to me about the scripture.   Not trying to be mystical here, but some scriptures do not lend themselves to clip art.  He forces me to be still and have patience until something is revealed.  Because of the waiting I am not always able to create something for the scripture we are on right away.  That is ok, the meditating on the word and spending time with Him is more important.

Sometimes I create in a special Bible designed for journaling and other times I create something on a tag I can insert into my Bible and I also have an art journal.

This particular creative piece is done using good old Crayola Twistable color pencils.  These colors pencils are real inexpensive (approx. $7 for 30 at Walmart (not getting paid to say that).  So far I like them better than the expensive ones I own (isn’t that just like God!)

I lay down the lighter colors first than go back and layer with darker colors.  I use an artist stump to blend and I do prep my pages with Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin) and let dry thoroughly.  The pages in the Bible are thin so you need to be careful with how you handle them and the Acrylic Glazing keeps the journaling from bleeding through the pages.

Hope you enjoy and let me know do you Bible Journal or Faith Art Journal?