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Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon….

Ok, I admit it!  I’m a wimp when it comes to ribbon.  Maybe it’s the little girl in me.  All I know is that I love ribbon, all kinds of ribbon.

I’ve tried several ways of keeping ribbon.  I bought the ribbon box from the craft store, you know the one where you put the spools in and pull a little ribbon through a slot.  I didn’t care for that because the perfectionist in me wanted the spools to fit exactly in those little slots.  Since ribbon comes in different sizes what do I do with the larger spools.

I then took a dowel rod and ran it through the spools and hung it up so all I had to do is pull the ribbon off the spools.   Hmmm, didn’t care for that either because I needed all the colors to be together (yellows, reds, oranges).  Every time I bought a new spool (which by the way is often), I had to disassemble the rod so I could get the color where it belonged.  Also, all spools are not created equal. Some spools have large holes and some had small spools.

Next up, was wrapping them around the embroidery thread holders and putting them on a ring.  You guessed it, I didn’t care for that because, they didn’t hold much and honestly, I didn’t like the way it looked.

I saw an article in a magazine and also on the Internet that showed someone using doll pins and wrapping the ribbon around them.  Then they placed them in a jar so they could see them and used them to decorate their space.  I loved this idea!  It took care of the bulky spools, it made them look similar and you could see the beautiful ribbon.



Unfortunately, with all the ribbon I had it would take a lot of jars to hold all the ribbon.  So, I opted  to put it in a large glass bowl.  Again, it was beautiful to look at, but I had to dig through the entire bowl to find the ribbon I wanted.

My youngest daughter, Amber, had a beautiful 3 tier wire basket stand that she found at Smith and Hawkins.  I thought, that would be perfect.  I would be able to see the ribbon, put the colors together and if I wanted I could even pull the ribbon through the holes.  Well, I found a similar one at HL for $39.99 and had a 40% coupon (sweet)!



I know that we are all different and it is a matter of preference, but this has worked beautifully for me.  I love looking up from my workstation and seeing the ribbon.  This large 3 basket wire stand also has a lot of room for me to add more ribbon.  So that means I need to leave you now because I know there is a color of ribbon out there that is calling my name saying “Come buy me”!

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