Mother’s Latest Creation

Yellow Day LillyThe DayLillies in my flowerbeds are beginning to bloom.  Even after all the rain, it looks like I’m not going to loose anything.  Whew!!!!!

I love gardening, there is something about getting out and playing in the dirt that I love.  I also love the results of the hard work when they bloom.



I found a new Crochet magazine (I’m always looking for my Mother) and in it was a pin cushion.  I asked Mom if she would make it for me and before I knew it she whipped it out.

TopPin Cushion - Bottom






I have these decorative pins I purchased from JoAnn’s and bought me a stuff animal to keep them on display.


My girls always thought it was odd to stick pins in a stuffed animal, but I was trying to find something cute to display my pins and be functional (decorative).





Finished Pin Cushion

I removed the pins from “Duckie” and put them in my new crocheted pin cushion.  The pin cusion does a very nice job and actually gives me more room to see what I have.


Duckie, says “thank you” now would you please pass the Tylenol!


Thanks Mom, for another outstanding piece of work.  Hmmm, I need to see if there is something else I want out of that magazine.

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  • But why should that poor pin cushion have to suffer!

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