Vintage Brads

IMG_2690.JPGRemember my shopping trip to McKinney?  In one of the antique shops I stumbled across a package of vintage eyelets in various colors.  Look at the price for 20 eyelets, a whopping $.15.  There were two of this type of packages and then the longer package had a lot more brads in them.





So here is the long box turned over.  It says 300 eyelets for $.50.  I asked my daughter if it would be considered wrong to buy them and then use them, after all they were vintage.  She said, “No, that is why you are buying them”.

Well, I decided it will be two of these eyelets that will be fitting into that TP album I’m making.  We’ll see how well they hold up or if they lost some of their integrity over the years.


Tapex Eyelet Pliers, I wonder what those pliers look like?






  • Uh when did you go to McKinney? Did I not get an invite.

    • Yhea, sorry. It needed to be a day of Amber and Mom. I promise we’ll have day of Brandy and Mom soon.

  • Pop along to my blog I have something for you. Trish 🙂

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