Ribbon and more Ribbon, I need help!!

IMG_2707.JPGI love ribbon and every time I go to Michael’s I walk out with a bundle of them.  Maybe it’s the little girl in me.  I don’t think I’ve grown up in some areas.

As you can see there is a mess of ribbon and yes, I took the ribbon off their cardboard spools and wound them around doll pins.  I love this method of storing because it takes up less room and I can see the ribbon.



img_2100I keep my collection of ribbons in this 3 tier wire basket and it sets in the window of my craft studio.  What this picture doesn’t show is the pretty little yellow “Duckie” that sits in the top basket and keeps watch over these little jewels.  He is needed because of Henry (the cat).

I would not be surprise if I walk in one morning and the cat has OD on the ribbon.  He loves ribbon and if he ever realized there are three baskets almost full, I’m sure he would dive right in.


Luckily, the investment in this collection has happend $1 at a time because of M’s $1 ribbon.  Sometimes, I get it at a bargain and sometimes I just have to pay the full price.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m missing some colors so I’m sure I need to get on over to M’s and fill in the gaps!

Thanks for stopping by and may your day be filled with the breath taking beauty of ribbon, sunshine and the wonders of life.  Do something good for someone today and watch that blessing come back to you.


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