Capri’s for Babies?

IMG_2795.JPGI started this little sewing project a while back and got side tracked.  I was bound and determined to get my first sewing project for my DGD (Rylan who is a little over 1 year old) done.

The problem is, if I don’t get this done she is going to out grow what I’m trying to get sewn.  You know children grow like little weeds.

I loved sewing for my children and now I have the honor of sewing for my grandchildren.  .

IMG_2794.JPGThe back is even cuter, with the criss-cross straps.  She’ll be all decked out for her play time in this little Hawaiian print.





img_1768Remember, my “Woman Cave”.  The magazine racks that are hanging on the far wall came in very handy with this little sewing project.

I refinished my cabinet that my sewing machine sits in (I have a 36 year old Necchi sewing machine) and it now sits right at the base of these magazine racks.


IMG_2793.JPGIf you look closely, you can see where I took two clips and hung up the instructions on the lower part of the magazine racks.

This is perfect while you’ll trying to sew and follow directions.  I love it when things work out to provide form and function. I also love it when you have an “aha” moment that ends up meeting the need.  I use to just take straight pins and hang the instructions on the wall.


IMG_2796.JPGHere it is completely finished.  The top and little capri’s.  Rylan’s legs are so short that it may be hard to tell that these are capri’s and not pants.

I can’t wait to see her in it, now all she needs are some P.F. Flyers or Keds to make this little outfit complete.  Oops! I’m showing my age.  Maybe I should say she needs some “Yellow Shoe Box” flip flops to complete the outfit.


IMG_2797.JPGThis is a shot of the back.  Now I think if I add 3 buttons I could have the PaperCutz #3 challenge done…..let’s see 1 ribbon (rick rack), 2 colors (shades of blue and white), 3 buttons…hmmmm, where could I put 3 buttons.



With this project completed, I’m gearing up to make the costumes I promised my DGS.  They are a Cowboy, Magician, Handyman and a Safari Guide.  I bought the hats at Michaels and now I just need to make some clothes to go with them so he can dress up.

Oh by the way, Gareth loved the mini-album.  I picked him up from daycare and took him to Chick-fil-A.  We ate chicken nuggets together and looked through the pictures.  He liked pulling the tags out of the sleeves and didn’t want to put them back in.  But more importantly, he needed to know how many pictures he had.  Once we counted them he was done. 

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  • That is just adorable!! You are quite a seamtress Sherri.

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