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Recently I was exposed to a product called Cricut Gelly.  I have the Cricut Markers but have not been to excited about them simply because the lines they draw are larger than what I wanted and they have a tendency to be a little wet and therefore the paper soaks them up and gets a little soggy.  That makes the paper more difficult to cut.

IMG_2866.JPGAt Scrappy-go-lucky you get this box of 12 gelly pens and the magnetic housing for $55.00 and shipping is free.  






Although it looks like you have two of the same colors in this photo, they are actually a shade different.  So you might have a dark green and a medium green and a light green.  The gelly pens have a metal design on them and the housing has a magnet in the end that holds the gelly pen in place.



IMG_2865.JPGThey ship out of Utah here in the US.  I ordered mine late night on Wednesday and they were here by noon on Saturday.




IMG_2868.JPGThis is a picture of the housing and the pink gelly pen in the cricut.   Unlike the normal green housing and the blue deep cut housing, there are no numbers to regulate the depth of the gelly pen.  You use the pressure and speed to control how they draw.  They recommend the speed at 2 and the pressure at 3.  I tried that setting and it worked perfectly, I did not have any skips in the lines even though the Cricut has a jerky kind of motion.




IMG_2870.JPGThe chandelier is from the Home Accent cart drawn on card stock by the gelly pen.  These gelly pens open up a whole new world of possibilities.  I am so excited about these pens.  They give a nice fine line and although gel pens are known to skip, you can manually draw in the missed area or  just have the cricut redraw the item before you unload.

I can see where this could be used with the MCPT (magic color pencil technique).  It also puts a new light on digital stamping.


Here is their web address (  I have to thank Diane @ Capadia Designs for turning me on to these new pens.  You can also visit Diane’s blog spot and she does a show and tell on how to use different color pens on your design.  You’ll find a link on the right hand side under the BlogRoll.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you are excited about these pens as I am.


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