To “Dew Drop” or Not?

IMG_2884.JPGI took my Mother to Michael’s so she could pick up some paper for a masculine card.  While I was waiting for her to see if they had the crochet thread she needed, I was walking around the floral area.

I discovered these “Decorative Accents” that are tiny acrylic disk.  They actually look like “Dew Drops” or what some people call Skittles.


img_1712.jpgNow I have made these little items using a hot glue gun, alcohol inks and a silpat.  Some clear, some frosted and some various colors. 




IMG_2886.JPGHowever, a bag of these clear acrylic disk at M’s was about $5.80 and there were a “gajillion” of them and this is not all of them because I’m sharing some of them with my BFF and my Mother.




IMG_2896.JPGAs you can see they are about a 1/4″ and they take alcohol inks very nicely (the actual color is called “eggplant”).

You can use a sharpie and color the back of the disk and the color will show through.  I also took Stickles (aka glitter glue) and covered this little disk with it and made glitter domes.  I’m pretty sure Perfect Pearls will add that little extra frosting.  I even have a friend who uses nail polish to give them color.

I have to admit these are a lot easier than making the Skittles myself and they are more uniform in size, besides being smaller than what I could make.  Sorry, old trusty hot glue gun, you may be going back in the drawer for awhile.

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  • I learned a trick to put Tim Holtz inks in a small plastic bag a few drops ink & then put in clear dew drops to color.

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