New Martha Stewart Items

IMG_3176.JPGIf you hadn’t been in M’s lately you might not know that MS has come out with some new items.

This is a large, deep border punch and runs about $17.99.  I don’t buy these items without my 40% coupon.  Why pay full price?



IMG_3177.JPGWhen you take it out of the box it is all folded up and all you have to do is just push down the “wings” on each side and it will make a large border stamp.




IMG_3179.JPGAbsolutely beautiful!  These are larger than her normal border punches and they go deeper into the side of the paper.  There are several new designs for this size of punches including a heart with cross hatching in the center of the hearts.

This one compliments the dollie border punch very nicely.  She also has a new group of punches that comes with an acrylic stamp and the punch to match it.  Then she has started grouping the corner punches with the border punches.

If you haven’t checked her line out in awhile be sure to take time and see what she has released.  Also, some of the border punches that you could not find are on the shelves so don’t let this season go by and miss the one you’ve been looking and waiting to re-surface.

No, I don’t get anything from MS to push her products, I just like the quality and designs


  • Where can I order this punch?

    • I purchased mine at Michael’s back in 2009. However, they retire punches from time to time as they bring on new punches.

      You might reach out to Martha Stewart website and see it they still have this punch in production.

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