Snowmarker Pen – by Marvy

IMG_3182.JPGI couldn’t resist, Henry was so “chillin out”!


Ok, so I got this card magazine and it showed a marker that when heated with a heat gun it would puff up and look like snow.  I couldn’t find it in the stores so I went on-line and ordered three of them, 1) One for my BFF, 1) for my Mom and 1) for Me.


IMG_3186.JPGLike any other paint pen you have to open it hold the tip down until the stuff starts running.  Yea, it started rather fast and so I’m calling this my “snow cloud” (not)!




IMG_3191.JPGHere is a tip… it doesn’t work well if the items you are using it for (ie “snow”) is too faint.  You need to have a dense amount so there is enough product to puff up.


As you can see this is way to faint.


IMG_3189.JPGLooking at this picture you can see where I put dots around the punched out border.

Second tip, it is best to let this product dry overnight, before you use the heat gun to make it puff up.




Unfortunately, you can’t see how much this puffed up, but in real life you can definitely see a difference.

Now, let me tell you I went through all this trouble (ordering a pen, having it shipped, paying shipping cost, etc.) only to find out that liquid applique does the exact same thing.

Hmmm, I wished I’d know that first.


By the way, I don’t get paid by Marvy to review this product.  I just thought it was a cool pen and I would let you know that it works (only negative is waiting until it dries).

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