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A Thing-a-ma-gig!

I have seen this “thing-a-ma-gig” before and decided I “needed” one…..ok I wanted it.  I have been tying my bows by hands or using two post.  The problem with doing them by hand is they are inconsistent in size.  When I use the peg system I only had one size.

This tool, called Bow Easy, makes various sizes of bows; however, the instructions on how to make those bows and use the tool was not very good. 

Thank goodness for Youtube.  There are various demos out there and I just keep watching the various demos until I found the one that made sense to me.

It’s a great tool and once you get the method down to making the bows you can make a one loop, two or three loop bow very easily and they are consistent in size.  I think it was a good investment.  It was only $5.50 and I’m glad to add this to my craft “tool box”.

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