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Lollipop & Chiffon – Part 1

Click on the picture and take a close look.  This is paper and Chiffon stacked together to make what is called a Lollipop Flower.

These are pretty easy to make and they make beautiful flowers.  You can layer them with Prima Flowers, glitter, Utte.  In other words the possibilities for variations on these flowers are endless.



I made myself some templates of the various sizes of circles I wanted to use.  I used my Gypsy and the Cricut to cut the templates out of chipboard.

I started at 3″ and stair stepped down every 1/2″, so I have a 3″, 2.5″, 2″ etc.  I don’t have a circle punch so I cut everything by hand.  The chiffon is probably easier to cut by hand and I could have used the Cricut to cut the paper but I was already cutting by hand so I did it all by hand.



I got 1/2 yard Chiffon for $2 at HL and then picked-out a piece of paper (from my stash) that I thought would compliment the material.





I hand the white chalk pencil in my sewing box and used it to draw around the template of the 2.5″ circle and 1.5″ circle out of Chiffon.





I cut three circles out of the paper and two out of the Chiffon.  This is the way I will layer the petals for the Lollipop.





On the Chiffon circles I took a lighter and burned around the circles.  This keeps the Chiffon from unraveling.  Word of caution here:  You need to be careful and do not hold the flame too close to the Chiffon. 





This shows you how lightly I seared the Chiffon circle.  You may need to click on the picture so it will enlarge so you can see it better.





The next thing I did was to use the heat gun to melt and curve the Chiffon.

I used my reverse tweezers and the heat gun to blow the edge of the Chiffon back toward the tweezers, this helped it to curve.  Another word of caution, the heat gun will melt the Chiffon so you want to be very careful not to hold it directly on the Chiffon or you will end up with nothing but melted Chiffon.



This post will be continued tomorrow.  This is a long process but the out come is so pretty.  So be sure to watch for the next post.





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