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Lollipop & Chiffon – Part 2

Hi everyone, we’ll continue the Lollipop & Chiffon flower today.  Thanks for coming back!

This is where we left off yesterday.  Use the heat gun (very carefully) to curve the Chiffon.  Remember I used my reverse tweezers to hold the Chiffon circle in place and then had the heat gun blow the Chiffon back toward the tweezers.




I took matte Modge Podge and applied that to both sides of the paper circles.  The Modge Podge will help keep the paper from tearing (as much) when you are crumpling it and twisting it.  I used the heat gun to speed up the drying time on the Modge Podge.




 While I was allowing the Modge Podge to cool down on the paper circles I used black distressed Stickles to go around the edge of the Chiffon circles to give the edges a little glitz.  This will match what I’m going to do to the paper circles.




I took black embossing powder and embossed the edges of the paper circles.  The black with the slate blue and white paper along with the slate blue Chiffon makes the flower really pop.  I actually used embossing gel on the edges of the paper circles and then sprinkled with the embossing powder and used the heat gun to finish off the embossing.




Take the 3 paper circles and crumple them up and twist them.  This gives the paper interesting texture and also makes it easier as you start unfolding it and arranging it.





Uncrumple the largest circle and fold it in half.






Take the half folded petal and fold it in thirds (as in the middle picture) and then in thirds again (as in the picture to the far right).  Hold the petal at the bottom and twist it (this locks in the folds).  Starting with the outer layer open up the petal (holding on to the twist at the bottom).  You do this on all three of the petals.


 The trick here is to let the petal overlap on itself and do not make it too perfect.  Petals on flowers are not perfect and these don’t need to be either.





I took a 1″ chipboard circle and glued it to the back of the petal.  This gives the flower a base and will also give you a way to attach a pin or glue it to a card, album or scrapbook page.





Now I started layering the paper and Chiffon petals.  I put a large “glop” of glue in the middle of the paper petal and then arranged the Chiffon petal and placed it on top.





 So here is the finish product.  I glued the little crystal in the center and I used the black distressed Stickles to touch-up the black edges.  I think it came out so pretty.  Next time I will make both of the petals of Chiffon at 3″, because as you sear the edges and use the heat gun to curve the edges this shrinks down the Chiffon petal and I think the 3″ circle will stay big enough to show up around the edges of the paper petals more.



Here is the little collection of what I’ve been busy making and it is creating me a little stash.

Let me know what you think!  Yes, there is more to come…..I pulled out the Sculptey Clay and the Pasta Machine.

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