Advent Calendars or Count Down Calendars

I made an Advent calendar for my DGS two years ago.  I had seen an Advent calendar in a magazine designed by Karen Foster’s Design but when I went to get it, it was backed order and never came in.  So, I ended up buying a very small Christmas Tree shaped one at CVS and decorating it for him.  It was one of my first projects with the Cricut.

Then my DGD comes along and again, when I went to get a good Advent calendar they were sold out.  The ones I found in the stores ran around $40.00 and then I would still have to redo them.

My BFF (Phyllis) took me on my B-day girl trip down to a little town called Waxahachie and they have a great scrapbooking store.

They had the Advent calendars in stock and I grabbed two of them.  I’m going to start working on them now.  Ok, so I’ll get them on my list of things to do.  I’m going to try to do them in the colors of their room with keeping them as close to Christmas as I can.  I’m also using colored metal on some of the days.

I’ll try to remember to post as I start working on them and get them done.  The other part of this is now I have to find 24 items for 2 Advent calendars so I’ll have to start Christmas shopping early.

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