I’ve Been Bitten – Copics

I started watching some Youtube videos on how to use Copic markers and I just had to have some (“of course I did”).

I had this card that had been stamped with one of the Magnolia stamps (I don’t own any) and it is not on the best paper for this type of process.  However, to practice and see how these alcohol inks worked it was nice to work with her while I watched a video and mimicked the process.

I’ve got a lot to learn with this process.  Although the look is very similar to the Prisma Color Magic Pencil Technique, the process is different because these are alcohol inks. Shading with alcohol inks is very different from shading with colored pencils.  I can manipulate the color pencils better, once alcohol inks dry it’s a different process to get them blended.

I also have a very limited number of Copic markers at this point.  You know I can’t resist having a bunch of these. If you click on the picture you will see there are places that look a little rough.  That’s because I didn’t have the right color to go back and blend with and although Copic markers has a blender pen, it does not blend it lifts ink.  That’s alright, that is how you learn.  The paper you do this on is very important also.

The flowers on the left are Copic markers and the ones on the right are Prisma color pencils using the MCPT.  They are both beautiful and they look a little different because I only had a few colors that were the same as the color pencils.

As you can see though the Copics have a richer color and the Prisma Pencils a white cast or light cast.

There are a few things I would do a little differently.  I searched the Internet for Copic markers and thought I had found a good price.  Unfortunately, today I found them at http://www.carpediemstore.com/mlistCategoriesAndProducts.asp?midCategory=336 for $3.95 instead of $6.45 ea.  You pay a little more for shipping (depending on where they are shipping but to Texas about $12.75) but the savings on the pens are worth it and they ship from CA no taxes to us.

These are Sketch Copics not Ciao.  The difference is Sketch Copics are oval in shape (they won’t roll around on your desk).  Is that important?  Yes, because as you get to coloring you can have 10-20 pens on your desk at a time.  They are a little larger so they hold more ink, there are more colors in the Sketch line than there is in the Ciao line and the Sketch Copics cost more (because they hold more ink).

Susanne over at http://www.scrapbitz-tutorialsandtemplates.blogspot.com/ has a Copic Starter List (scroll down about 2/3’s of the way). I wished I had seen this information before I took the advice from someone else on what colors to buy to start out.  If you are interested in starting this type of coloring you will also want to consider if you will be coloring objects vs people.  If you will be coloring people then you want to be sure and get the Copics that do the skin tones you want.

Also,  I would go to http://copicmarker.com/library/ and scroll down and print off the blank color chart.  You can see the colors on line, use the information Susanne’s website provides and use this chart to see how the numbers fall in the various color hues.  Like she says you don’t need every color (shoot!) but you do need to get the dark, medium and light in the color families so you can shade and blend appropriately.

I hope this helps anyone out there who is thinking of getting these markers.  They are truly vibrant and I know once I get the right paper and technique down I’m going to be doing a lot of this.  Coloring is so soothing.

Let me know if this helps and like Susanne says “hugz”!


  • I knew you would end up with Copic markers 🙂

  • […] I’m finally getting the “knack” of using Copics (click on the picture to make it larger).  I really can’t tell you how important it is to have the correct color combinations of markers.  Tip: Start with the lighter version of the colors first, example RV00, RV02, RV06.  I started with RV34 and then had nothing to be the light or dark .  Be sure to read my other suggestions here is the link. […]

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  • great post as usual!

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