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Bunnies – Digi Stamp

I took the image from the stamp image and shrunk it down a little.  If you look closely you can see that this image is colored a little differently than the larger image I showed yesterday.  Just click on the picture to get a larger view.

I removed the little bee and the expression marks from the image. Tip: I used a correction tape runner to remove the items I didn’t want and then re-scanned the image.

I made the bee so it could be 3D.  I bought a stamp from M’s for $1 not too long ago and it had the bee and a saying “bee well”.  I stamped it twice; one time to get the bee with wings attached and the second time I stamped it on vellum  to cut out a second set of wings .  I took the first stamped image and colored it and stickled it and let it dry.  On the vellum wings I used a glue glitter (not Stickles) that was a holographic white and set it aside and let them dry.   Once dry I cut out just the bee and cut off the antennas, we’ll make them out of thread, and I cut just the wings out of the vellum stamped image.

Once everything is dry I covered the bee with Glossy Accents and then stuck the vellum wings into the Glossy Accents and made sure they were sticking up.

I created the antennas by taking a piece of black thread and folded it in half.  I placed a drop of Glossy Accents on the back of the bee and laid the thread down into the Glossy Accents.

I then cut the thread to the length it needed to be for the bee.

I raised the finished bee up on foam to give it a little lift, this along with the vellum wings gives the bee the feeling that he/she is flying over head and of course that little gray bunny is watching.

I also added a trail of a flight pattern up the side and across the top.

The image did not come with grass so I added it by starting out with a zig-zag stitch in green using Sulky thread and then  added addition color using Copic Markers.

This added some additional interest and texture to the card.

This is the back of the stamped image.  As you can see the color of the Copic Markers are bleeding through.  According to everything I’ve read this is a “good thing”.  It shows how well you have saturated the image.  Yeah, the purple egg is really saturated because I was having trouble getting it to look like I wanted it.  Which brings up a great things about Copics is you can add more color or use the blender pen to take away color and work it until you get just where you want it.

I also wanted to show you the back so you could see the zig-zag stitching.  When you look back at the previous picture it shows you how much the Copic Markers add to the stitching.

Here is the finish project.  I used Stampin Up’s ticket punch (with the corner guides removed) to cut the small half circles in the pink mat.  This helps keep the ribbon in place on the mat.  I also used the Swiss Dot CB embossing folder on the pink mat.

I used various colors of Tim Holtz’s Distressed inks to ink the edges of the card and mats using the foam applicator.  By the way you can use that foam applicator to achieve the same look with any stamp pad.

The inside was done very similar to the outside except I distressed the edges of the yellow mat with the edge of my scissors and then inked them.

Yep! That’s ducky that I had colored earlier.  I just cut him out and glued him right on top.

He was the perfect color and a cute surprise when you open the card (remember I colored him on watercolor paper).

I love the way this turned out and these little bunnies are a combination of using the Copic Markers and Prisma Color Pencils using MCPT (Magic Color Pencil Technique).

The yellow bow is in the upper right side to represent the sun.  I think it came out so cute.  Yes, I know there is a lot of work in this project.  Unfortunately, I agonize over getting these things perfect and I can’t help but put in all the little details and get the coloring just right.

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