Ok, just one more Post!

By the time you read this we will have already been on the road …..to Starbucks before we head out.

Back in February on our girly trip with my BFF down to Waxahachie, TX (here), I found two Advent Calendar’s by KaiserCraft (see post here).

This is 50 of the little boxes that I will be decorating for my two GKs (one’s a boy, one’s a girl).  Unfortunately, when I opened the kits there were no instructions on how to put them together (the little boxes or the kit).  I’m going to show you how to put them together but I think KaiserCraft should have included a set of instructions, not everyone is mechanically minded and it would have been very helpful to see where everything went (I guessed and they came out great).

So, when I get back I’ll start the step by step instructions on how to put the Advent Calendar together from beginning to end.  But the first thing I’ll be showing is the little Money card and the second will be new way to make flowers……….ok the Advent Calendar construction will have to be the third thing!  Whew, I’m going to be busy!

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