Happy Birthday #1 Daughter

Today we are celebrating my #1 Daughter’s Birthday.  My #2 Daughter is giving her a Birthday Luncheon.  I spent the day yesterday with Amber running around getting everything that she was going to need.  She has got some great ideas and I will take pictures so you can see the “cuteness”.

This picture is just a sneak at her birthday card.  I’ll post the entire card on Monday for you to see.  A couple of hints, it was done with Copic Markers and it is really girly.

I also just discovered that I was published in a new magazine.  I’ll share that with you tomorrow also, I was so surprised.  I submitted the picture but didn’t know I was chosen.

How old is my daughter?  Oh my, a lady never tells but she was born in 1973, you do the math……LOL!  She was born on April 12th….ok so we are celebrating a little early.

Happy Birthday Brandy!

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