Texas Tornado’s

My DH plays on an over 55 slow pitch softball team during the summer.  Now let me tell you he is well over 55 but this is a metal list that they hang in the dug out and tell who is what order in the line up.

Over the years the names of the players have changed and he needed it to be updated.  Of course he asked a friend of his if he would do it (he said he asked him because he originally make all the name tags).  I told him he was crazy to ask him because I had everything that was needed, but he said his friend would do it.

Well, you guessed it his friend didn’t have the time and the day was here for them to play their first game.

I told DH I didn’t know how they read the names they were so small.

I took an old magnet schedule from our minor league baseball time and recycled it to make names for those new players that were being added.

I took the old names off of the tags that they had and used the magnetic backs for the new labels.

Pulled out the handy dandy label machine and whipped out all the names in a crisp black and white and in a size that would be easier for everyone to read.

You can see the difference in the old style versus this new style of labels.

The names were done in black and white and the position they play are in black and yellow.

I think it came out very nice and all they have to do is hang in on the fence.

My DH loved it and I was glad to show him that all the stuff I have for paper serves other purposes to and when it comes to doing something for softball, golf or volley ball he will know who to come to first.

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