Red Green in Wylie

Oh my, my poor umbrella has been beaten up this year!

My umbrella last year got knocked over and broke, so I ran out this year and bought another one (they run $40.00 @ Garden Ridge).


I think I had this one all of two weeks when the wind caught it and ripped it right out of the stand and threw it in the yard and broke it too!

So, I’m refusing to spend another $40 for another umbrella this year!


I decided I would do a little Red Green engineering.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Red Green Show, it is a silly (man show) about a guy who fixes everything with duct tape among other silly lodge stuff that they do.

Now , I want you to notice my duct tape is green (keeping it classy).  I took a piece of molding and duct tapped it to the broken arm hoping to get a little more time out of the umbrella.


It’s not perfect but it is holding that umbrella up better than it was.  I even used some duct tape to patch a whole in the umbrella (nice!).


My DH came out at the end of the repair to explain to me how it should be done……….right honey!  It’s needed repair for weeks and for some reason the moment I decide to fix it he wants to give instructions…LOL!

At this point in the Texas Summer, I just need the umbrella to give some shade to my plants that are sitting on the deck.  Let’s hope my Red Green engineering gets us through the rest of the Summer.

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