Warning Enabling!!!

First let me say, my BFF, just finished her exit exam for Nursing.  I am so proud of her!!!!!!!!  Then, although she is extremely busy, she took the time to come by and visit with me yesterday before I went to work.  I pray in your lifetime that you have a BFF like mine!  I feel so blessed and love her so much that she cared enough for me to take time out of her busy life!  We are going to have to do something special for this awesome milestone!

Now, just look at these little containers that hold buttons…..aren’t they as cute as a button!

The tops are even buttons!  These were $1 each at M’s in their 10 for $10 spot.

Then at M’s I found these packets of buttons for $.99/each.  These were in the bottom of the rack that holds their $1 stamps.  When I find buttons for this price I buy them because buttons are expensive.

Again, in the 10 for $10 at M’s I found these cute stamps.  There are a lot of others, like butterflies, dragon flies and cupcakes and even a snow cone.

Love the flip-flops!

I told you I was going to enable you!  Sometimes it pays not to go to M’s for awhile, that way when you do go everything seems to be new!

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  • Didn’t make it to Michaels yesterday but you are inspiring again today!!!

    Love you too.

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