Waltzing Mouse Stamps

I could not help myself!  I visited a website called Waltzing Mouse Stamps and absolutely fell in loved her Claire’s work.

This stamp set is called Vintage Circles Small.

You can find her here.   This is her blog but from there you can venture on over to her store.

All of the  stamp sets I’m showing  are designed to use with Spellbinders Nestibilities.  Now for the added bonus…..Claire and her team then shows you how they use them with the Nestibilities.

This is called Vintage Labels 2.

There are so many stamps on each sheet and they add so much to the Nestibilites.

This one is called Vintage Labels 1

Claire’s attention to detail is awesome and that is the reason it was so hard to only choose a few.  Alright, a lot!

This is called Vintage Label 3.

Take a close look at the border.  This border stamp is 8″ long!

The circle stamp is so beautiful.

This one is called Victorian Frippery.

This group of stamps have little tag toppers….so versatile.

This one is called Vintage Label 4.  Hey I think I’m beginning to see a pattern!

This is the last one I got.

I love the designs absolutely blows me away.

This is Vintage Labels 5.

I know you are thinking what spurred this massive buy of clear stamps?  A couple of things, I’ve been gradually building my Nestibilites as HL has their 40% off sales and then I got an e-mail from Claire about a new release and that she was offering free shipping.  Well, once in her shop and seeing all the beautiful things I couldn’t help but want the stamps that matched the Nestibilities that I own.  Now, all I have to to is get busy and start making some things.  Claire makes it look so easy, we will see.  I’ve got my eye on her stamps that makes a plaid pattern next.

Again, I do not get compensated for mentioning these products or her website, I just like what I saw and it only took about 8 days for it to get from across the pond to excited me, right here in Texas.

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