Mar 24, 2011 - Sewing Projects    2 Comments

It is All About the Right Tool!

This is my Christmas/Birthday present.  This is a Tempo – Baby Lock sewing machine, given to me by my daughters (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you)!





I’ve been working on some curtains for our Mother’s Room at our new church and this beautiful machine sews like “butter”!

I whipped the curtains out in a couple of hours.  The awesome table helps too.  A large work surface to lay the material out on as you are sewing ….sweet!



This is a 60 x 84 Tablecloth from Target.  Love the gray and mustard yellow together.






Found a couple of 18″ x 21″ pieces of mustard yellow fabric that I plan on making a pillow.  Nice compliment I think.





All sewn, ironed and ready to hang.  Oh yeah, pardon my shoes in the picture.  Got to take them off when I sew.  Ok, I take them off most of the time anyway.






  • Can you tell me where you found this fabric!? I have been looking everywhere for gray and yellow

  • I have been looking FOREVER for this EXACT tablecloth to hang as the shower curtain in my guest bathroom. I can not find it ANYWHERE!! If you would be willing to sell it, please please please email me and I will gladly buy it from you!! [email protected]

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