Leggings and Ruffles

Ok, I showed you this cutie with her outfit on, today I’m going to show you a little about the construction.


You can see the construction of the pillow case dress here.









This attachment runs about $50.00 for the particular brand of sewing machine I own (baby lock).  My #2 Daughter is the one that owns this “awesome” little attachment.





This looks like a complicated tool but basically all you have to do is attach it and then run your material or ribbon through it and it automatically ruffles it for you.  It does have some settings that you can adjust for different depths and sizes of ruffles but that’s about it.





I decided to use ribbon to add the detail to her leggings.






I cut the ribbon twice as long as I needed to wrap around each leg.  Then I ran each piece through the ruffler and I was done.





I started layering the ruffled ribbon.  I pinned it on then sewed it on each leg, that way I wasn’t having to re-thread my machine with various colors of thread.





Oh my goodness, I love the way this came out and so did Rylan.






I got her the little jacket that matched the leggings so she would have something to put on in case she got cold at church or when we go out to eat.  Here in Texas the air conditioning gets turned up!

I rolled the sleeves up to make it a little more fashionable.





I took 2 yards of satin ribbon (not as scratchy) and actually found the exact color I needed for her dress.  It takes a yard of ribbon for each side to have plenty to tie in a bow.





Too cute and oh so easy!












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