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Quick Post – a Tip

I love this kitchen gadget (actually, I love all kinds of tools).  It cores and slices at the same time.

Problem is that mine is an older, cheaper model and it does not come with a cover.





Turn this baby over ad these blades are sharp.  I have nicked and caught my fingers on these blades trying to get the last bit of core or peeling out.

Then if it is put away in the drawer I was always concerned that we would forget and cut a finger really bad and worst off have to make an emergency trip to the ER.





Problem solved.  I use a freezer zip lock bag to store the apple slicer/corer in.  I use the freezer zip lock because the plastic is thicker.

The zip lock bag is clear so I can see it and it can be put away in the drawer without worry of anyone cutting themselves.



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