Jul 5, 2011 - Make Over Projects    No Comments

What’s Next

This is the last piece I’m going to start working on this week.

The chairs have been replaced (I’ll show you them when I’m completely done with the piece.

I’m painting the band that runs below the top and the base black.  There is also a birch tray and little step stool that I’m going to repaint at the same time.


I’m leaving the table top alone because it is a Bar Top that will handle spills and things that a painted surface would not be able to live up to.

Remember I left the band on the hutch alone so this will tie it together.



Once the table is done I’ll go back and distress the buffet to bring out the brown in it.  This will link all the pieces together,


Then it is on to the tables in the den.  Since my home is an open concept this will tie the two rooms together.

The way to get through a large undertaking is to do a little at a time and stay with it until you get it accomplished.  I almost have my dining room done.

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