Painting Booth – Sort of!

This is a picture of the base of my china cabinet when I was repainting it.

If you look in the background you will notice a blue strip of tape running down the wall.  This is actually my make shift paint booth.

I took a sheet of plastic and Scotch’s blue tape and put it on the wall to protect it from any over spray when I used the spray painter.

This worked like a charm.

I pulled this particular sheet of plastic down and put up some new.  This time I moved everything that was against that wall out of the way and taped the plastic sheet down the wall and out on the floor.  This way no air can get behind the plastic.  This will keep the plastic from fanning out and touching the item I’m trying too paint.

This is the first place I start, preparing the work space.  I have my paint already bought (it is Behr primer and paint in one) it is called Black Suede.  I have a LVHP paint gun, some cheap paint brushes, an orbiting hand sander (I have the DeWalt, it runs around $79) and some sanding blocks.  I also have a cup for water to thin the paint and the usual stir sticks, wiping cloths and a sealer (Minwax Polyacrylic).

I’m starting my table this weekend so, be sure and check back to see the progress.


20 Oz. High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray GunBEHR Paint Rated #1 by a Leading Consumer Study


These are the items I use.  I do not get paid or receive (at this time) any products for referencing these  products.  They are items that I use and some of my favorite things to achieve the results on my furniture.

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  • I love this article about painting! I’ve been wanting to do a few painting projects this summer, but I’ve never actually painted anything in my entire life. This article is great, and very reader friendly! I’ve been wanting to paint a couple of old bedside tables and a coffee table for my living room. Does anyone know of a good paint booth supplier in the Pocatello area?

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