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Mini Furniture Dollies

I bought a couple of these mini furniture dollies at Harbor Freight a couple of weeks ago.  They had a coupon in the paper to get them for around $7.00.





I’m using this to put the pedestal of my dining table on it so I can paint it.

The first thing I’m going to do is protect the dolly from getting black paint all over it so I’m wrapping it in plastic.




Here it is all bundled up and ready to to.






I needed to put a board across the bottom to provide a level surface and then I added a couple of smaller boards to lift up the pedestal so when I paint it the paint will go under and not stick to the plastic.

The purpose of putting it on the dolly is so I can turn the pedestal when I spray paint.  That will help me keep the hose out of the area I just painted.



I took a medium grade sanding sponge and sanded the pedestal.


Next I filled any places that had nicks or holes.  At this point I’m done for the day.  I need to let the filler dry so it can be sanded.


Hopefully, I will be able to get this sanded down again and then the first coat of paint and primer on the base.  That means by the end of the week it could be done if I can get a coat on each night this week.  Three thin coats of paint and primer and three coats of sealer.

Here is what I did with the second mini dolly.  Now I can just roll my pancake compressor around instead of trying to pick it up.  This will certainly save my back and make getting it out from under the table a lot easier.  Sweeeeeeet!

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