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Way Too Hot & Other Things

I’m always looking for ideas on how to store or handle some items that are cumbersome to contain.  For me it is ribbon.


How do you display or control your ribbon?  Right now mine is several different places, some are rolled up on clothes pins and stacked in a tiered basket, others are still on the ribbon roll.  At a recent stamp convention I saw this display.  It looks like a great way to display and it is also a reasonable priced object.

So, how do you display your ribbon?

I haven’t been able to work on my table because it is too “dang” hot.  It’s been 107 to 109 degrees here this last week and to come home and try to work in a hot garage, ain’t going to happen.


I also had a little hiccup, when I sprayed the sealer on the trunk of the pedestal it got really rough.  That means it bubbled, so I need to see what is going on there.  Could of been heat, could have been I had oil residue in my sprayer (I spray it with WD40 so it won’t rust after I clean it, probably sprayed to much).

So, I will try to finish this up sometime this week if the weather will cooperate.  I may just have to bring it inside and finish it by hand.  We’ll see! 


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