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Red Stool

I’ve had this little stool every since my girls were little.  I purchased this back with the country was the decorating style, notice the hearts cut into the end of the stool.

It was originally oak stained, then when I renovated the kitchen I painted it red.  Now, I’m going to completely change it up to go with the dining room make-over.




In order to cover that red up, I start out by giving it several good coats of Kilz.






Now it is ready to start painting the white.  The Kilz seals off the stool and keeps the red from bleeding through.

I’ll have to give this a light sanding before I start painting it white.  I’m going to use my sprayer to paint this since I need to get the paint inside.




So now we letting it bake in the 120 degree garage.  This will have to wait to be painted until the temperature drops or next Saturday early in the morning.


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