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Hymnal Pomander

First let me say this is not my original creation.  I got my inspiration from Ruche (click on the name and it will take you the post).  Shannon from Footprints did a guest post and shared the Vintage Pomader with Ruche.

It seemed simple enough to make but I wanted to put my own spin on it.






I used an old Hymnal Book and cut out about 60 medallions.  The medallions are a simple scallop measuring 3.75″.  I purchased the scallop off of the Silhouette website for $.99.  I was able to get 2 medallions from each page.

Shannon cut the medallions out by hand but I was a little lazy and decided the Sihouette would be great at this.






I’m still getting use to the Sihouette Cameo but I’m loving it.  The pages from the Hymnal are light weight and my mats are pretty sticky.

Ugh!  This is a mess!






Inspiration struck me and I placed a wet towel over the mat and let the paper soak up the water.

It worked and now I just needed to figure out how to condition and make these mats work.

I did discover you do not need to smooth the paper down on the mat.  I placed the paper on the mat and touched the 4 corners of the paper to make sure it stuck.  Worked great.




Once I got the medallions cut out the next thing I did was ink them up with Vintage Photo Distressed Ink.

I inked both sides since I knew sometimes the front would show and sometime the back of the medallions.





Next I wanted to add some shimmer so I used my Copper misting spray (this is homemade, some MS Copper acrylic paint, Modge Podge and water)….cheap to make and just as good as the designer stuff.  There is not really a recipe, I just squirted paint in the spray bottle, then took a dollop of Modge Podge (mat finish) and then added water…I then added more paint until I got the shimmer I wanted.  My Bff Phyllis told me how to make this “stuff”, thanks girl!  Found the little spray bottles at Container Store for $.99.

I sprayed both sides of the medallions.




Once I got the Copper misting on I took my heat gun and dried them a little until they were damp.  I dried both sides.


The I scrunched them up into little wads of paper to add some dimension.  Gently open them up and stack them by twos.




I’m using 2.5″ Styrofoam balls,  I got them at HL for about $4 for 6 of them. 

I found these I think @ Walmart a few years ago.  Any pin will do, because you really do not see the heads.  However, having a head on the pin helps when you are hot gluing them and pushing them into the Stryrofoam ball.





With 2 medallions layered together, take a pin and push it through the center of both medallions with a little hot glue to stick it in place.






Now pull both layers of the medallions up and scrunch together, placing another dollop of hot glue at the base of the medallions.







Take the medallions while the hot glue is still hot and place the pin straight down into the Styrofoam ball.

Notice the pin is placed all the way in the ball to the base of the medallions.






Repeat with the rest of the medallions.  The important thing here is to place the medallions straight down in the Styrofoam, do not slant the pins in to the Styrofoam ball.  Once the ball is covered you will go back and fill in the areas that feel or look sparse.

If you slant the pins in trying to fill the gaps as you go the papers will become uneven looking and cause you to need to trim it to even it up.




Once you are done fluff out the papers and then when you discover a place that feels thin or needs an additional medallion fill it in at that point.  Remember pin should go straight down in the ball.






Love the way this turned out and I think it makes an nice addition to my Dining Room.







Maybe I need to make a lot of these and fill the tray that is sitting on my dining room table!

We’ll see, we’ll see.




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  • Yes you need to make alot of them! I can’t wait to help..

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