Bulletin Board – Hallow Door

I bought this cute bulletin board quite some time for my “Woman Cave” but could not find a place for it.  Really how sad is that, you have so much stuff there is not room for anything else.


After I painted my closet in the Woman Cave (WC) I re-arranged some stuff and decided I would hang this on the door as you enter the WC.



Issue the door is a hallow core door.  Some day, I envision this door being white with some decorative trim added to it.  Maybe a new white door with a design built into it.

Right now it is the right spot for a cute bulletin board.





3M to the rescue.  I found these hangers that would allow me to put this on the door and be able to remove it easily when I get ready to change my mind or enhance the door.  Everything for me is some form of canvas, I just need the time and the money to use it and birth it into it’s new life.

Holds about 9 lbs ( you can click on the picture to get a closer look).




Pretty simple, peel and stick and this one told you to put 3 pieces on the item you are hanging.


I put one on each side of the bulletin board and then one in the middle of the bottom.  Pulled the paper off on the stickers that glue to the door and centered the bullet board where I wanted it and pressed it.



Look at that!  It turned out perfect.  Now I can put stuff on it and use the cute little thing!


Hmmm, now that I look at this my head starts coming up with other things I could do to this door.  We’ll have to see what I come up with when its time comes.



Right now the next huge thing on my list is replacing bath room faucets.  We’ve lived in our house 26 years and slowly but surely each one of them is wearing out.





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