Windows – Whew!

Our house was built in 1986 and back then boxed windows were popular.

They were great for our girls, they had a little window seat to sit in and read if they wanted to.

However, 26 years of weather they were needing some repair.





We had 4 windows in various states of repair and we found a great carpenter that did the work in 1 day.

A kitchen window, a breakfast room window and two bedroom windows (or should I say 1 Woman Cave window and one Office window).






They replaced all the wood caulked and primed and now we are ready to get the house painted.


This looks 100% better than before, when carpenter ants had destroyed the wood.  




Slowly but surely we are getting things done.  Still have the bath tub faucets in the Master-bath to get done, but we have made up our mind on what we are going to do and in a couple of weeks we will get that done.  When that happens it means I’ll probably have to redo the cabinets in there.  That’s ok I have to redo the cabinets in my hall bath.  

My Mom told me today she wants her cabinets painted too!   I guess I’ll make a new list and start adding these projects.

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