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Picking Exterior Paint Color

Now that the windows are done (Whew!!!!), they are just primed so they need to be painted.


Back in the heat of the Summer I tried to start painting.  I got everything scraped down and bought the paint.   My DH decided that the guttering needed replacing before we painted.  The new guttering is not the same color as the paint I purchased for the house.



On my trusty new “To Do” Home list this did go.







Because you know if it is on the list it will get done, just so I can wipe it off.


Yeah, yeah the deck and 1,000 other things need to be done.  You don’t live in the same house for 26 years without reaching that point where everything seems to break, come apart or start leaking all at once.



Remember when my Dining Room went from this color.







To this color.







Turns out it’s the same color we need to paint the exterior wood on the house to match the guttering.  Apparently, I really like this color.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll paint my front door black and the little  trim around the glass in white or maybe I’ll paint the trim on the windows white after they have been painted.  Oh boy, something else to add to may project list!


The trick t picking exterior paint color, is make sure it goes with the brick on your house if you have brick, but most of all make sure it is something you love because it is expensive to paint and exterior if you have to pay someone.  Yes, I could do it but DH is willing to pay someone and I’m going to take him up on that!









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