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I’ve been Robbed – Oh Yeah my house got painted!

Recently we have been busy working at getting some much needed repair done at our home.  We first had the box windows replaced (the framing).  Once that was done we had the outside painting done.



If you need a painter I would recommend [email protected] 214-762-9730.  Carlos was very responsive, did what he said he would, on time and reasonable.  They do spray paint so if you want someone who uses a brush then you may have to keep looking.  Our house has very little wood so they were able to take care of it (even protecting my new guttering) in about 3 hours.  They wrapped my windows and guttering and then went through about 4 gallons of paint (they supplied Sherwin Williams paint).

1 & 3  Windows repaired, chalked and primed.

2 & 4  Same windows with new paint (which by the way is the same color as my dining room – Mushroom Bisque and        an exact match to the new gutters)

5 & 6  Inside the front porch and he even painted my garage door (which by the way is metal).  Love the shadow of the trees on the door.

You will notice in picture 2 the trellis is missing that is in picture 1.  Someone stole my trellis right out of my front yard.  We didn’t notice it until I was telling Carlos he could just lay it down to paint.  Makes me mad!  Even more it makes me feel violated.   I heard a loud thump the other night but didn’t think much about it.  Next time I’ll turn on all the lights grab my camera and take their picture and one of their license plates.

Next on the list is to finish up my Master Bath’s Roman faucet.  We are also getting estimates to have my deck redone.  I really would like to have that done before Spring!

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  • I say we redo your deck!

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