Mar 18, 2012 - Make Over Projects    No Comments

Got ‘Er Done – Another Project Off the List!

I’m so excited, this has needed to be done for so long.  It took two days but the deck is done.

We have to wait for 30 days for the pressure treated lumber to cure.  Then we’ll (or should I say probably me) will stain and seal the deck.  We are going to use an oil base stain and seal so it last a long time.

The original deck used 1 x 6’s lumber and they were nailed down.  It was built over 15 years ago, and we really can’t complain; however over time the boards started to curl up and the nails started popping out.  The boards started rotting and then I was always getting a splinter in my foot.  Then ever so often I would take a step and feel the boards give.

The new deck is made out of 2 x 6’s and they are screwed down.  Also, all of the rough edges have been sanded.  Now I don’t have to worry about the Grand Kids playing on the deck.  Can’t wait to decorate it and sit out on the deck, relax with a cup of coffee and watch the birds in the bird sanctuary.  What you didn’t know I had a bird sanctuary?  It’s another project on my list.

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