Apr 5, 2012 - Make Over Projects    2 Comments

Jackmanni Clematis – Can’t wait to see it bloom!

When the deck was re-done I had to cut my Clematis down, but to my surprise it is coming back very strong.  I know I need to repaint the fire hydrant but that too is another time.


I found the nifty rain gauge when I was at Canton recently and ye that trellis is curved and the Columbine Vine will grow beautifully on it.



I post another picture as it gets up really big and starts blooming.  This was what it looked like before I had to cut it back, can’t wait until it starts producing the flowers.


  • This looks like a Jackmanni Clematis to me. Here in Ohio they are very hardy the best of the Clematis for this climate. Never heard of them called a Columbine. The leaves even look the same.

    • You are probably correct. I bought two plants at the same time and can’t remember which one was which. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll correct my post.

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