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Stain & Seal X 2

Here is a picture after it was re-done but before it was stained and sealed.

You are suppose to wait for 30 days before you seal the deck and waterproof it.





We bought Olympic 2-in-1 stain and seal (Lowe’s) and proceeded to put it on the deck.  We chose the semi-transparent Redwood Natural.






What a difference, it took 2 coats and about 4 hours to complete the process.  This is a great compliment to the color of our bricks and the hot tub (redwood stain color).






With the rust color cushions and umbrella it completes the “Tuscan” feel of the deck.  The variation in color on the deck is due to the old support wood had weathered.


See the “little house” in the back ground………yep, that is another project.




Here is how you know you did a good job, water beads-up!



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