Apr 26, 2012 - Make Over Projects    No Comments

Metal Art

Last weekend was Dallas Flee and my beautiful daughters and I went to check it out.


It was mostly vintage items and then I stumbled across a vendor that had something I wanted! Note I didn’t say need, I wanted.  

This is a huge metal sculpted flower.



This is it’s temporary home.  I’ve got a lot of decorating to do in this little bird sanctuary.


I have all kinds of ideas floating in my head about this metal flower.  I can curl the petals to make them more pronounce, I could heat the metal to make it change colors and I need to find the perfect item to hang it on to get the exact height.


Just saying, there is a lot to be done and now with this little extra nook to decorate I’m so excited. So we are headed to Austin for a girls weekend and another show!


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