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Red White & Blue

I found this post on Skye’s blog and thought I would give it a try.  It is her Patriotic Wreath Project.

 She has step by step instructions and pictures to guide you along the way.






The hard part about this is cutting out all the 2″ squares.

You have 4 sheets of blue, 6 sheets of red and 6 sheets of white.  You will need a lot of straight pin and I will tell you from experience you just need to buy a box of cheap flat head pins.

My first wreath was a green Styrofoam wreath and the second wreath I bought was white….it doesn’t matter.

You need to separate the white and red out into 5 rows of white and 4 rows of red.  


I cut the stars out on my Silhouette Cameo about 1.75″ and used wire and wrapped that around a pencil to get the look that I wanted.

I folded the 2″ squares in half (diagonal corner to diagonal corner) then in half again.  Take the pin stick it in the point of the folded felt and push it in the Styrofoam.


Love the look and it is full.  I didn’t take the rings all the way around so it would have a flat back to sit against the door.

This was Daughter #1’s B-day gift.  Now, I’m going to make Daughter #2’s B-day gift and then I’ll make me one.  Whew, that is a lot of cutting.  The total cost is around $15.00.

This is a great wreath, you can hang it out in May for Memorial Day and carry it through July 4th for Independence Day.





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