Finished Master Bath Roman Faucets

Absolutely sometimes the thing you dread the most turns out to be a non-event.

We finally finished the new Roman Faucets on the tub and also replaced the drain and vent cover.

Here is what I learned:  you need to measure the distance between the faucet and the wall to be sure the handle can turn.

Not exactly the way they should turn but they work .


We had to pull the front off of the garden tub and was worried it would break.  To our surprise it was very flexible.  We were able to pull a little away and then install the new faucets.

We had help with this, one of our best friends (Joel Orr) helped us remove the old rusted faucets and sweated on some female connectors.  We would have put on ball valves but we didn’t think we could get the front of the tub back on.

Guess what, when you buy these kinds of faucets they don’t give you all the supply lines.  We had to buy two more to connect the faucets to the water.


Now we got that done, we had to wait until some of the junk under the tub dried out so we could vacuum it up.  We had a little ant problem.






Next it was left up to me to change out the drain and the air vent cover.  The items I used are some plumbers putty, a nifty tool to take the drain cover out, a screw driver to give me additional leverage on the nifty tool, base board to put back in place when I get the front of the tub back in place and some caulk to seal the front of the tub and finish off the base board.




This was so easy; place the tool in the drain and the screwdriver in the top and start turning.  Remember lefty loosey.


Once it is out clean out the old plumbers putt.




Take some new plumbers putty roll it out in a snake shape and then put it on the drain in a circle.

Too much and you have it squeezing out from underneath your new drain cover.  No biggie, just clean it up.





Now, the thing you need to be aware of is that not all drain covers are created equal.  The one I originally bought with the faucets did not work, it was too large.  Quick trip to Lowe’s and a helpful guy, showed me what I needed and this one has a housing that can be taken off to show the smaller cover.




Start screwing the drain cover in and insert the nifty tool, this time righty tighty.

Once that is secure you can put in the drain stopper that goes with the drain cover.

Be sure and run some water in the tub to make sure it holds water, open the drain and make sure it drains properly.




The air vent cover was really simple just unscrew the old one replace the new one.  I was lucky the pipe that allows air so the drain works properly was secure in place.  If you have a loose one be careful when you pull off the cover and do not let the tube drop back or to the side.  It is really difficult to get it back in the right place.


There you have it the Master Bath faucets are all installed.  I just have to finish the access hole we cut in the wall in my closet and the project of replacing our faucets are almost complete.  I still need to get the shower faucets updated in both bathrooms but right now they can wait.  

They won’t wait for long because that kind of stuff drives me crazy.



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