Telephone Bench – Revamp

Back when I was a kid we had one of these telephone benches, we also had a party line (that’s where 2 or more people share the same telephone line) and our phone numbers started with words, like Hickory 6 -1234  instead of all numbers.

I didn’t get a picture before Daughter #2 stripped off the awful paint, but here it is ready for me  to “Sherrify” it.



First up is getting everything sanded, filling holes and repairing anything that needs to be taken care of before you start painting.



Next up is to prime it.  I used Kilz.  This old furniture sometimes has a funky smell and the wood is so dry that the Kilz not only kills the order it also seals off the wood and gets it ready to accept the new paint.  By the way I don’t get paid by Kilz to say this, you just need a good primer.


 I do the full thing, inside, underside, front and back.







It may even take several coats (and light coats) to get it where I want it before I start using the final paint.


From there I let it dry a couple of days and I also sand lightly in between coats.





Now I start painting, I use a HPLV sprayer.  I got mine for about $15 from Good Harbor Freight (again no pay). I have a small pancake compressor and it does pretty good at keeping up.

This color is gorgeous and I start with painting the underneath side first.  It is a Valspar color (sorry, don’t remember) but she took her fabric for the cushion and matched the color.





These steps are the same as painting the primer, light coats, let dry overnight, lightly sand, light coat.  I usually do at the minimum 3 coats and depending on how it looks if it needs more I do more.







I added a little touch of my own for my Daughter.  She loves hounds tooth so I thought I would put a hounds tooth stencil on the bottom of the telephone bench.  You can’t see it when it is setting up, but she knows it’s there and she knows it a special thing from me to her.

I used the bronze glaze to stencil the design.





I finished this piece off by putting on a bronze glaze.  You can see it matched the material she picked out for the seat cushion.

Instead of using polyurethane or acrylic shield  finish the piece I used clear wax and let it dry overnight then buffed it out.




She has this sitting next to an entry window with a cute lamp and she is going to get a retro looking telephone.  So cute!





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