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October – Fall – Thanksgiving

I normally do not decorate for every season.  However, this year I am so into Fall and all the warm feelings that this season brings.

God in His total intelligence of what we need so amazes me.  He knew exactly that we (His most awesome creation) would need seasons.  So out of His love for us He created us four very distinct seasons.

Oh I know here in Texas they are not  always so drastic from each other, but the animals and plants recognize them and respond to them even if our temperatures don’t reflect them. 



I have found some very cute items at HL, that sit perfectly inside the tray on my dining room table.  Just a hint of Fall and Thanksgiving.

Cute little Pilgrims that originally were $9.99/ea., scored at 40% off.





Cute variations on pumpkins and a cute acorn, again at 40% off at HL.  I’m going to try a little “Sherrification” on the acorn.

Love the simplicity of these items.





How are you decorating for the new season?  Pumpkins or directly in to the Halloween mania?


Hmm, looks like I need to add some rust colored flowers to my arrangement.  I can do that, a girl always needs a reason to shop!   Bingo!

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