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Pumpkins, Pumpkins – Oh Yes!

I often check out the $1 spot at Target and recently I scored a cute little pumpkin.


Wish I had gotten more, it is just the right size and the technique I’m going to show you is so easy.





You will need a tube of  Gold Leaf Rub ‘n Buff, your finger, and the knowledge this is a little messy.







I have had mine so long it is almost dry, so I just cut the tube open to get to the part that was not dried out.







I took the little stem off and started rubbing the Gold Leaf onto the pumpkin.  As you can see by my figure it is messy but it will scrub off.


Love the look the Gold Leaf gives the pumpkin.  If the coverage is not even you can go back over those spots or leave them.  I like a little of the orange showing through.



I took the stem and hot glued some jute, wrapping it around until all of it was covered.







Once the stem was completely wrapped I used a dab of hot glue on top of the pumpkin and re-inserted the stem.  Cute!  Remember this is $1 Pumpkin and the jute I have had forever!






To finish it off I made a bow out of wired ribbon and hot glued that on to the top.  I’ve had the ribbon for a long time too.  It is great to use up some of the “stuff” in stash.

The color here is a little off, but the previous picture is closer to the real color of how the Gold Leaf looks.





So simple, sweet and easy!







How cute and simple are these.  Hmm, I wonder if there is any left at the $1 spot, or maybe the Dollar Store.  Thanks for stopping by I’ve got to go and find more of these and buy some more Gold Leaf or maybe Silver Leaf.

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