Acorns, Acorns Acorns

I am so into Fall this year for some reason!

Remember this little arrangement sitting on my dining room table?

See the little acorn, I decided to give that some “Sherrification”!





Here are the supplies you will need, or something similar.  Click on the picture to make it bigger.


Glitter (I’m using German Glass Glitter).  Love the chunkiness and the look.

Foam Brush or some type of applicator to put the glue on.

Something to catch the glitter that falls off so you can re-use it (I’m using a coffee filter).



I applied glue to the top of the acorn in sections.  That way the glue doesn’t dry out before you get the glitter on.

The glue I’m using gets tackier when it sets for a few seconds so it grabs the glitter better.






I sprinkled the German Glass Glitter onto the acorn over a coffee filter.

I work my way all the way around the top of the acorn.

At this point I’m not worried that it didn’t cover everything, I’ll come back to that.





I let it set and dry for “a spell” and then I start working on the areas that need additional coverage.







I repeat the process until I get it the full coverage.







I use black German Glass Glitter (using the same technique) for the stem.


Look you can still see the diagonal lines that were cut in the top before I “Sherrified” it.





Here it is sitting with the pumpkins in the tray.  I love the little pop of color and glitz it added.  Hmmm, I think I have a large acorn I was working on from last year.  

Got to go give it some “Sherrification”!





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