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Starting 2014

IMG_0228Well, I just had a very important birthday and I’ve got some decisions to make; however, with the way the last year went I might just hold tight for a little while and see how things are going to pan out.






IMG_0215Let’s catch up.  Mom is doing really well, so that is becoming a route.  She lives in a skilled nursing home and I go by 5 nights a week.  In a years time she has gone from having a medium bleed stroke and gall bladder surgery to being able to walk using a walker and she has some of the “fire” in her personality back.







My #1 Daughter and I started training for a 5K and then moved on to a 10K; however, I’m not competing I’m just doing the running on a treadmill to get in better shape and relieve some stress.  Who would have thought at my age I could run for 45 minutes………who knew?





IMG_3624I am so itching to get time lined out so I can start posting and creating things.  Oh don’t get me wrong I’ve done a lot to take my mind off of the responsibility that engulfs you when you are the care giver of an aging parent.  I just need to start posting so we can have some fun together.

I have to give the glory back to the one who walked with our family through this trying time and know that as we face the future He will be there also.




Stay tuned and let me see if I can get some posting worked into my schedule and get to going again.  Let me know if there is something special you are wanting to see or would like to see “us” (that is because my Daughters are crafters too) try our hand at and learn some new things.



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