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Kitchen Lighting – Update

As promised, here is additional information on our Kitchen lighting update.  Our house was built in 1986 and at that time the hot thing was florescent lighting.  Pro – lots of light and it didn’t add heat to your kitchen; Con- the ballasts were always going out instead of  4 lamps you had 2 most of the time.

Here we are in 2014 and florescent lighting is not so cool for the kitchen any longer.  We finally decided to put in indirect lighting.

IMG_3969Our house is an open concept you see the den, the breakfast nook and formal dining room from the kitchen.  It also has a lower ceiling in the kitchen, another design concept back in the “80’s.

When we pulled down the grid that covered the florescent light, to our surprise the box was completely finished out….score.

With the help of a friend we installed 7 indirect lights.



IMG_3974Two on each side of the box  for a total of 4.







IMG_3972Three down the center of the box.


Now I will tell you I don’t know how to do the electrical (that is why along with other skills) I paid a friend to help install the lights.




IMG_0110The upgrade to the lighting finished off the kitchen.  I had to patch the two holes that held the florescent lighting and paint the “popcorn” ceiling (another style of the “80’s).  However, I love the finish product.  

The pendant lighting is actually designed to screw into the indirect lighting.  That way if you want to change it out no biggie, just unscrew it like a light bulb and reinsert the recess lighting cover. 

The total cost to have the indirect lighting installed and purchase the pendant lighting was around $500.  To get a better look just double click on the picture.


The new lighting gives tons of light and does not heat up the kitchen.  I also replaced the light fixture above the sink  with a low profile light from Ikea.  As soon as I figure how to get it off my camera and onto my computer I’ll show you what that looks like.  For some reason my SD card will not upload……..time to call my personal tech guy (Travis my son-in-law).

I’ll show you how I painted the “popcorn” ceiling without pulling the stuff off the ceiling.  I have done that technique twice now and will probably use it when I repaint the ceilings in the rest of my house.  Let’s face it I’m not going to scrape it off, it doesn’t bother me that much!

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