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Mending Candles

IMG_0154.JPG (2)I took my Mom out to Hobby Lobby and we got this flameless candle.  Excellent for a skilled nursing center, since there is no flame.

They run on 2 double A batteries.






IMG_0155.JPG (2)Unfortunately, I dropped the shopping bag and it broke when I got her back to her room.

These things are not cheap.  I paid full price because I used my 40% off coupon on a lamp for Mom’s room.

Yeah, I could have gone back a second time but I didn’t want to use the time or spend the gas.






IMG_0158.JPG (2)I carefully pieced the candle back together adding a little glue to hold the pieces in place until I could get my Hot Gun to start melting the pieces back together.

I pointed the Hot Gun to the inside of the candle and it melted the inside a little at a time.  I would then rotate the candle around until it covered the cracked areas inside.

Once that was done I slowly heated  the outside of the candle.  I would warm the wax then use my fingers to mold the warm candle wax together.  Not perfect but I won’t have to buy another one.  I placed it in the refrigerator until all the was hardens back up.

Yes, you can still see the cracks if you look hard, but it works very well when the flameless light is on.

It will serve the purpose and it saved me from wasting $13.99…..sweet!

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