Wreath – Deco Mesh – Halloween

IMG_4100This is a shout out to my BFF Phyllis! Yeah, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything.  No excuses, just too lazy to “get ‘er” done.  I’ve done some stuff that I will try to post.  

I’m trying to get into Zentangles and art journals.  I get started but I loose interest.  While I’m doing it I enjoy it but once I put it down I don’t think about picking it up again.  Then I get on Pinterest and my creativity starts up again.

This is my first attempt at a Deco Mesh wreath.  I like it ok, but now that I have messed with the “stuff” I will do my next one different.  I followed a tutorial where they cut the mesh instead of making poufs and the mesh unravels.




I got the large spider web/spider and the bird at M’s during their clearance.  I bought the chalkboard label at M’s sometime ago.  It was a package of 8 in their $1.50 spot.

We are having a wreath exchange at work this Friday and had a limit of $25.00.  The deco mesh cost me nothing (Daughter #1 had it left over from her Halloween wreath).  I bought the wire frame with a 40% coupon.  So when I add what I spent up it about $7.





For those of you who are following the progress of my Mother, she is doing very well.  She turned 86 on 9/19/2014 and although she can’t take complete care of herself, she can do a lot more than we ever that she would be able to do after her stroke.  She is a fighter!  She has regained some of her ability to crochet and is in the process of making her first afghan in 2 years.

We face memory challenges every day, she has not forgotten me (or my BBF) and we are able to get her out for church and a little shopping.


Now let me see if I can’t at least post more often than once every six months!


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  • Yeah. Love the wreath. Next I want to see some tangles you’ve done. Maybe I’ll finish one soon.

    Tell Deana we said hi and send hugs.

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