Oct 10, 2015 - Family & Friends    No Comments

Visiting My Sister

FrameI have a sister that is 5 years older than me.  She has been in a facility for the last 7-10 years because of dementia and short term memory loss.  It doesn’t run in our family, it came about through unfortunate choices.

My Father (who is 91) and my Step-Mother wants to go see her and take her out for her Birthday.  She is over an hour away from where either one of us live.

Today, I will drive us over so we can all celebrate together.

I recently, did a strength finders course and my #1 strength was responsibility.  My #2 Daughter said, “Mom that explains a lot about why you do what you do”.

All I know is sometimes as a child of God, you need to step in an fill the gap.

I will try to upload some new pictures and show you what I’ve been working on next week.

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